Leading the way in delivering exceptional luxury experiences, here at BLACK we have a dedicated commitment to sustainable and responsible practices. Our ethos is centred on cherishing the environment, nurturing local communities, and honouring the rich heritage of our region.

Aligned with New Zealand’s Tiaki Promise, choosing BLACK means actively supporting the well-being of both the community and the environment. Every organisation and business we endorse reflects a shared commitment to these values.

Our approach isn’t just about exploration; it’s a journey intertwined with our passionate locals who host you. It’s a platform for them to share their stories, history, and the collective narrative of this area. We prioritise the well-being and continuous growth of our guides.

Economic sustainability is a core aspect of our mission. Deliberately leading our guests toward small businesses and towns bolstering local economies, fostering mutual support and prosperity.

BLACK adventures are meticulously designed to minimise environmental impact. With deep reverence for nature, our guides educate guests on responsible practices, striving to leave visited locations better than they found them. By maintaining small, private groups, we significantly reduce disruptions to the natural environment.

At BLACK, sustainability is a holistic approach that positively contributes to our environment, people, and communities, creating conscientious experiences across the South Island.



Our choice of vehicles, consists exclusively of Land Rover and Mercedes, aligns with our sustainable ethos. Land Rover’s focus on reduced emissions throughout the entire manufacturing process supports our commitment to a greener future. Similarly, Mercedes’ net-carbon neutral production sites and focus on longevity of their vehicles contributes to the durability, rejecting planned obsolescence.