Experience Overview

The road through Skippers Canyon clings to the side of the cliff, high above the Shotover River. The road was built during the gold rush between 1883 and 1890, and was a major achievement in its day. The journey into Skippers Canyon offers history, scenery and adventure.

On your BLACK full or half day Skippers Canyon Experience, you’ll travel in the footsteps of the pioneers that dug the gold out of the harsh yet stunning landscapes. The Shotover River rushes hundreds of feet below as you wind your way along the single lane track deep into the mountains.

One of our knowledgeable expert guides will host you throughout the tour to ensure you get the most out of your Skippers Canyon experience – and give you an all access pass to this incredible location.

Tour Highlights

On arrival at Deep Creek you have the option to take the exhilarating Skippers Canyon Jet Boat. Gear up with life vests and spray jackets, sit back, hold on, and try to relax as your skilled boat driver navigates the sheer canyon walls along the Shotover River and skims over shallow 6 inch deep river beds at 80km/hr.

You will see evidence of the pioneers labours all around, abandoned gold dredges, rock tailings, water races, ruined dwellings all nestled in breathtaking scenery. Try your hand at gold panning in what was once considered the richest gold bearing river in the world.

Others want to discover the amazing Upper Shotover scenery – dramatic schist bluffs and rock tors stand like sculptures in the tussock landscape. The road commands views of the Richardson Mountains to the west and the Harris Mountains to the east.